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Air Access Inc started in November of 2004 with 30 years experience of designing commercial two way communications systems, including microwave, data, and voice networks. Providing high speed data wirelessly was an easy step. We were already experts in wireless radio communications.

Our core wireless product is Motorola Canopy and Cyclone for the commercial and residential markets. The Motorola product was designed specifically for high speed broadband for data, voice, and video surveillance and is considered the best and most reliable equipment available.

As customers began to request surveillance, we added remote IP cameras, and video recording devices. We are always open to expanding our services to help meet the needs of our customers.

Air Access is about providing wireless services that meet the needs of our customers. That need can be for internet connections, greater speed, secure networks, campus networks, surveillence, or other special engineering needs.

Air Access: we provide design, installation, and maintenance of highspeed wireless data networks..

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